Features overview


Hyperboards gives you complete control over what your forum looks like. You can customize all the images on your forum.

  • Image, icon, and smiley sets
  • Skin editor (basic and advanced mode)
  • Unlimited skins and image sets
Custom Content

Why limit your forum to just threads and posts? Add custom HTML and JavaScript to any page, and even add custom pages and navigation!

  • Custom pages and menus
  • Modules enable you to reuse custom code
  • Unlimited custom pages

Stay informed. Hyperboards gives you the option to be notified of forum activity. And you can message users directly while keeping all of your personal messages organized.

  • Topic subscriptions
  • Friends list
  • Personal messaging
  • Custom PM boxes

Create custom membergroups and assign permissions. Add moderators for specific board, or allow global moderation. Restrict board and category access to specific membergroups.

  • Custom membergroups
  • Grant and revoke permissions
  • Moderators and global moderators
  • Restrict board and category access
There is so much more

We have covered only a few of the many features Hyperboards has to offer. To find out just how much your community can benefit from using Hyperboards, we encourage you to give it a try.

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